A Guide to Pursuing Your Travel Dreams

Farnoosh Brock
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Do you have a travel dream that you have stashed into the closet only to collect dust?

Learn how to close the gap between the dream of traveling and the act of traveling in reality!

The Fear-Crushing Travel Guide enables you to crush your fears on leaving home behind and embarking on that journey - be it a hop around a few cities or a journey over oceans and continents across the globe.

Travel does not discriminate; we can all travel. Travel is not reserved for the young and unattached; travel is not set aside for the rich or retired.

Travel embraces people from all walks of life. Travel can begin anytime and need not stop until you and only you decide it needs to stop. Travel is open and accessible to anyone willing and desirous of it.

Travel only asks that you give it a chance and in order to take a chance, you must first crush the fears and overcome the anxieties weighing you down.

This multimedia product contains resources that help you eliminate your travel fears and concerns like:

  • leaving home, jobs, children or pets behind
  • going through the motions of air travel
  • choosing the right travel companions 
  • traveling solo
  • being safe on the road
  • managing culture shock and language barriers
  • traveling with limited time and money.

What you get in your digital package when you buy this:

  • 112-pg. Main Step-by-Step Fearless Traveling Guide
  • 7 Travel Action Sheets to test your knowledge and nudge you to confess and crush those fears
  • 10 Travel Story Interviews (audio mp3s) with experienced world travelers
  • A Master Travel Preparation Tip Sheet that tells you exactly how to prepare for the trip and what to do on your trip

100% Satisfaction Guarantee (because I stand behind my product)

My Guarantee: If it does not work for you, I refund you in full right away!

I have 100% confidence in The Fear-Crushing Travel Guide as I do in all Prolific Living products. My goal is that you find this guide massively useful. If this is not the case, and it does not meet your expectations for whatever reason, I insist that you let me know and I will issue you for a full refund. Naturally, you get to “keep” the digital product and I take all the risk here. Nonetheless, I stand by my product 100% and your happiness is very important to me.


Note: This is a digital product that is instantly delivered and nothing is shipped out to you. You will get a .ZIP file that contains the .pdf book files and .mp3 audio files. Please make sure you have access to a computer to extract the product contents.

  • You will get ONE .zip file containing 9 PDF guides and 10 MP3 audio files.

  • You will get ONE .zip file containing 9 PDF guides and 10 MP3 audio files.
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A Guide to Pursuing Your Travel Dreams

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